The Tipsy Sparkly Teapot

Just because it’s tipsy, doesn’t mean it has to be clumsy. I was recently invited to experience the all-new Tipsy Teapot dining experience. This popular Maadi diner has recently acquired a new venue and I can honestly tell you that it was definitely worth it! The new location may be a bit smaller in comparison to the old premises, but it certainly helped The Tipsy Teapot push out a shiny new image with an astoundingly refined menu. Items like ‘Duck Prosciutto’ and ‘Ostrich Steak’ have elevated the Tipsy Teapot brand into a much more serious-about-food direction.


It has been quite a while since I was consciously able to give praise to a restaurant in Egypt, but the creativity and originality of this menu has given me all reasons to. The bold combinations of flavor and the true spirit of South African spice are helping this dining experience distinguish itself from others in the country. I believe that one of the secrets of success behind the Teapot, is the fact that it is owned and run by a genuinely dedicated couple. I had the privilege to have a little chat with them before and after my meal and they both ooze with passion for their new project.



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