Overnight On The Plateau

To be invited to attend the grand opening of the JW Marriott’s newest hotspot namely; ‘Plateau’ is one thing, but the overnight stay at the hotel that came with it, was a lot more than just a cherry on top!

It was a warm summer day indeed, but by the time I was checking in at the JW Marriott’s reception desk a cool summer breeze had started to circulate around the monumental building. Luckily, Plateau was situated right in the middle of the wind current. VIPs and famous faces flooded the prestigious venue while the food bloggers anxiously waited to taste the culinary marvels that were yet to come.

While I was sipping on my drink and passionately chatting with one of Egypt’s brightest entrepreneurs, a waiter softly tapped my shoulder. I turned around and was given a shot glass with a ginger infused coconut soup inside. The level of creativity surely set some high expectations for what the chef had in store for us. Seconds of Arancini, Seafood Paella and Salmon Cakes did not disappoint either. Three different platters of mains were served thereafter. A delectable braised beef, an interestingly seasoned grilled chicken and a fish dish to complete the classic protein trio. The beef was falling apart before my fork even touched it. It was tasty, tender and very well cooked. You could almost feel how many hours it took to braise to that delicate stage. The grilled chicken was packed with flavor and the yam puree that accompanied it was uncommonly bisque flavored. I kept asking my dear friends and fellow food bloggers, as to where the crab flavor could be coming from in a chicken dish. I have yet to solve this riddle for my wondering taste buds.. or they could have just totally deceived me and it was simply an exotically spiced yam puree.

I thought I was stuffed by the time I heard that there were still three desserts to be served, but for a foodie; ‘seeing, is digesting’. Triple layered chocolate structures were the first to arrive and burn away all sensations of satiety. Followed by the highlight of the night for me, a coffee crème brûlée with a scoop of pistachio ice-cream on top. After the first spoonful had sent me to heaven and back, I looked at my fellow foodies’ faces and they too seemed to agree that this was indeed the star contender of the night! Something so simple yet so sophisticated and powerful enough to leave a lasting impression on some of Egypt’s most famous food critics.

Major thanks go out to the hotel’s generous PR gesture of letting us spend the night and use the pool to get an early tan the next day, too! An unforgettable night at Plateau will definitely keep the town talking about it for weeks to come.


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