The Taste of Coziness

This year started with a big bang in food. In January, I was one of lucky few that got a chance to attend this special event hosted by two of Egypt’s most prominent young ChefsNaira Ellamei and Wesam Masoud, at Chef’s Market (City Stars).
I’m not a big fan of lentil soup, but I have been converted by this one! The color, the aroma and the taste were just so balanced, as opposed to the grainy, acidic, lime-flavored mess I was used to from home. (Sorry mom…) From such a deeply oriental place we were then taken straight to Europe with this smoked salmon herb-crepe wrap. Such an impressive and delicate art piece on a plate.

After all the delicious fluff that got everyone salivating for whatever was to come next, the main attraction wowed us ALL! This roast chicken was extraordinarily succulent and the caramelization on the onions and carrots just elevated the flavors a whole bunch more.
Last but not least, the dessert was definitely one-of-a-kind. A jar cheesecake, topped with berries and some oriental molasses candy balls (3asaleya) for an interesting twist.


Big thanks and props go out to both Chefs and I hope to get another chance to taste such a creatively collaborative menu soon.


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