Mido Eats 7th Anniversary


I don’t necessarily believe in lucky numbers but “7” has always been associated with good things (including the seven deadly sins).

My celebratory “7” tart

It’s been seven years since I started my blog and today marks the 7th anniversary of Mido Eats and it’s time to reflect and count some blessings. Don’t worry, I will try to make this short…

Many of you may not know why I even started my blog in the first place. The mission was simple: I wanted to elevate the standards of the food industry in Egypt! But I am a mere single soul that has a passion for food. I thought it would make sense to start by educating the community about foreign cultures of food. If we don’t know what we are eating, then how are we expected to make it better? Though I believe that many classic dishes are untouchable, I have always tried to add an innovative twist to my recipes. The point was to enable the audience to appreciate what I believe to be good flavor pairings and push people out of their comfort zones.

In order to elevate common taste, one must think thoroughly about what different flavors do to one another and how they complement each other, or don’t. Seasoning a piece of steak with absolutely everything that is lying around in your pantry, will probably not result in a refined meal, though it may be ‘tasty’; a word that I fail to understand when it comes to describing food. It has a taste, right? So it’s tasty!! Doesn’t that apply to all of the foods on the world? Anyway.. I’ve already rambled on way more than I wanted to.
Allow me to enjoy this moment and be greatful for my support system of loving family and friends and more importantly FOLLOWERS! Happy 7th anniversary Mido… 🥂


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