Easter Blues

It’s Coptic Easter Sunday and while I never understood why there are two (or maybe even three) different Easter Sundays across various Christian denominations, let me just wish for you and your families to have a happy one.

This year I came across an egg coloring recipe that uses natural food colors to dye eggs blue. Little Rusted Ladle is a great blog founded by the very talented Jena Carlin, who I look up to very much. In her blog post, she shows how to use the purple liquid that results from boiling red cabbage to color your eggs a magnificent shade of blue. Jena also goes on to explain how you can use some oil to mask parts of the egg shell and create more interesting patterns using the blue dye as well. In my case, I’ve ended up with two different looks. Raw eggs, reacted differently to the dye than boiled eggs.

The blue eggs inspired this dreamy image that haunted my mind for days before I could get into the studio and work on it.

Can anyone tell me where I can get a bird’s nest without having to destroy the home of an innocent family? Yeah, I asked that question several times last week. But I realized that it could be an option to build my own. I went out in the streets of Cairo, looking through sidewalk gardens and plant pots for dry grass and tree twigs to build my own nest. I also had to buy a wax gun (which I never had) to be able to glue the scraps of nature together and construct that thing.

It took quite a while and cost me a couple of blisters on my hand from the glue gun, but I was extremely happy with the result! It also taught me to appreciate the work that birds put into building these things in a completely different light. It’s hard ass work!!

Don’t know about you guys, but to me; the egg yolk is an ore of magic in the culinary world. It is the richness in your custards, puddings, cakes and it even has unique physical and chemical properties for emulsification that can result in thick, creamy sauces loved by many people. To give this guy some appreciation, I decided to break the top off one of the blue eggs and reveal that mesmerizing orange gem. The contrast against its complementary color: blue, truly materialized the vision I had in my mind for this shot.

Hope you enjoyed this read and that the photo didn’t give you the blues.. 😅 Happy Easter. 🐇


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