I See, Semiramis!

Courtesy of my very generous and lovely friends at Semiramis Intercontinental (a.k.a IC Semiramis), I was invited for two days of pampering with a cozy overnight stay!

I believe that there are two real pleasures in life; food and hotel rooms. Let me tell you how IC Semiramis gave me maximum pleasure in less than 48 hours 😉

First, I checked in and was greeted by the very professional PR and Guest Relations team. My room was cool, spacious, fresh and ultra-clean. High-speed, trouble-free Internet allowed me quickly finish my meetings and some miscellaneous bits and bobs that I had to tend to before exploring the fitness center at the hotel.

The gym was pretty cool and fairly quiet, so I practically had the whole place to myself. Sorry fellow gym rats, but it was so stress-free compared to the usually busy gyms in Cairo.

After my workout, I had a quick shower in the room and went off to dinner at The Birdcage. This little Thai gem is one of Semiramis’ musts if you haven’t tried it before.

I was greeted with a hibiscus ginger welcome drink and some prawn crackers with two dips. Then I had a beef salad and a Tom Yum soup for starters and they were both incredibly refreshing! The balance of flavors was perfect and the aromas from all the signature Thai aromatics were fully pronounced in every mouthful. After the starters I got a Pad Thai and a cashew chicken stir-fry for some extra post-workout protein. The Pad Thai was really good and huge in portion size. Wish I could have had dessert, but that stomach was maxed out. The friendly staff at the restaurant still gave me complimentary cookies because they probably felt sorry for me 🙂

After a very long and comfortable sleep. I woke up to the incredible view of the Nile, which I enjoyed looking at while having my continental breakfast in bed. Croissants, pastries, bread, butter, marmelades, eggs, sausage, hash brown and a fresh fruit platter with some orange juice on the side.. What more could anyone ask for?!

Following the breakfast was my massage appointment with Mary. Mary is a super-friendly and very professional massage therapist. I rarely enjoy massages and she really helped me relax into it. The staff at the spa were very polite and helpful and I continued to enjoy the luxury of Semiramis without a moment of hesitation.

The highlight of my stay would have to be my Italian lunch at Pane e Vino with one of my most favorite people; PR & Marketing Director: Nabila Samak. We started off with a smoked salmon and fruit appetizer that really got our mouth juices going. Then we shared (yes, shared! Mido does occasionally share food guys..) a seafood spaghetti and a beef Milanese. Both were simply spot on! For dessert, I went with my all-time favorite panna cotta and Nabila opted for the semifreddo.

All of that was just the tip of the iceberg and I really can’t wait to be back for more. For now, I seriously cannot thank you all enough at IC Semiramis for having me and for offering me such an unforgettable stay.


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