Happy new year! Or is it better to wish you a ‘Meaningful new year’?!

Without any fancy introductions… My new year’s resolution is generic, simple and timeless. The aim is to be happier than the year before! I don’t want to lose weight, gain weight, stop bad habits or anything of the sort. We all know that this is cosmetic fluff and sticking to it doesn’t last very long.

A very dear and close friend (and family member) told me that happiness is not the sole goal. You need to have purpose and everything you do needs to be meaningful; that kind of mindset and lifestyle results in automatic happiness.

I really want to stop being a routine robot. Wake up, run to work, exercise, eat, run errands, do the chores, sleep and repeat. Where’s the meaning in that? There needs to be more ‘stop and think’ or rather ‘stop and evaluate’.

I created my blog in order to have a voice that is loud enough to be heard and to address the issues that face the food industry in Egypt. One must not forget the main objective and purpose of what one does. I want the food to be better in Egypt. I want people to learn and know more about the culinary principles that make or break good food.

This year I wish to stop at nothing to push more of my original agenda. I also want you to know more about me and how I define good food. Where I shop, what I buy, why I cook and even how I eat! Maybe you will find me to be extremely mundane or maybe you will find more meaning in my food.

Mega thanks to all of my followers family and friends for all the love and support I got from you in 2019. I never stop appreciating it.

I will leave you with this trio of my favorite desserts which I have made at home through the holiday season and am really excited to share with you.


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