Lord of the Wings – An Epic Buffalo Experience!

Leaving aside the cliché play on words in the name of this place, Lord of the Wings is most certainly worth visiting, if you are serious wing-lover like myself. The Middle Eastern king of buffalo wings franchise has finally come to Egypt and my hopes are that it’s here to stay! There’s one in City Stars Shopping Centre and one on the Maddi Corniche (The Platform). With City Stars being the closer option for my friend and I, there was no doubt about the decision to go there.
The diner is marvelously decorated with an American look that has both ‘modern’ and ‘industrial’ written all over it.
First, you get a pencil and a menu form from the waiter to fill in yourself. There are three main categories of wing styles; Traditional Wings, Grilled Wings (for the health freak) and Boneless Wings (for the total freak). Then you get to pick a flavor for your sauce. The possibilities seem endless! From mild Buffalo, to suicide Buffalo, back to American BBQ and over to Asian Teriyaki or even Sweet Chili wings! Whatever taste you are craving, you will surely find something to suit it. For sides, there’s everything from salads to fries and mashed potatoes, too.
If you are a ‘germophobe’ who dreads the filthy sticky finger experience, you will be relieved to find a genius invention at Lord of the Wings called “the plastic glove”! I was a happy man that day and didn’t even need to wash my hands afterwards. 😀

I went for a mix of BBQ and some Teriyaki, while my partner in crime ordered the classic hot Buffalo sauce. It took a while, but as soon as the food arrived, I could tell that those weren’t the wings of no Egyptian chicken. They were large, plump and full of flesh. I place my bet on frozen import from the Lord of the Wings global central kitchen or something. The sauces were indeed finger-licking good! Too bad I had already put on that plastic glove, which I didn’t really feel like licking to be honest. The chicken however, was somewhat dry, which I reported to the waiter when he came to ask about our meal.
The check was hefty on both the eyes and the wallet. Don’t get me wrong here. It was filling (16 pieces), but for the same amount of money I could have had a more ‘complete’ meal.
All in all, yeah, I sure would go back to that sweet and savory wing marvel. I hope to find juicier chicken next time though, especially if I am paying that much for it.


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