The Fusion Easter Egg

Is it an egg? Is it dessert? Is that a bird’s nest? Or is it Kunafa? 🥚🪶
It’s actually a little more than all of that..
Happy Coptic Palm Sunday 🌴
With Easter just being a week away and Ramadan still going, I thought to try and bring you something really special. This is a fusion of cultures, techniques, flavors and a celebration of multiple religious occasions all in one.

I have recently watched the reality TV show ‘School of Chocolate’ on Netflix and you all know that I am no chocolate lover but I was really impressed with the amazing talent and work that was displayed under the tutorship of Chef Amaury Guichon
I am definitely not at the level of any of the dedicated contestants but this piece was greatly inspired by a lot of what I have seen them do.

So what actually is it? It’s a white chocolate egg that has been colored with some cinnamon chocolate chips. The chocolate shell is filled with lightly whipped, sweetened clotted cream, topped with mango & carrot gel and the whole thing is sitting on a Kunafa nest.

The amount of attempts it took me to make the hollowed egg shell are pretty ridiculous! First I tried setting the chocolate on the exterior of an egg. I thought I could then crack the egv open and extract the shell from inside the chocolate cavity. ERROR! That did not work. Next I tried to use egg shaped chocolate molds, which gave me decent results but gluing the halves together was bitch and the chocolate eggs also ended up looking really glossy and shiny which looks nothing like a real egg. Finally I came up with the bizarre option of hollowing out and cleaning an actual egg and setting the chocolate inside of it. Then I proceeded to peel away the egg shell from the chocolate (which took lightyears to do..) and voila!! A beautiful chocolate egg shell with the texture of the real thing!

The whipped clotted cream is a play on the traditional Kunafa topping or filling and the mango and carrot gel provided more sweetness with a slight tang to brighten everything up.

Making the Fusion Easter Egg

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