J&G Steakhouse

I haven’t written about new restaurants in Egypt in a very long time… And it simply due to the fact that I haven’t found something impressive enough to inspire me. J&G at St. Regis Cairo Hotel has not only changed the lack of inspiration but it has also changed an integral part of my palate.

Before I get into the food section, let me tell you how much I loved the interior design and furniture. Everything looks fancy, modern, clean, rich and cozy at the same time. The staff is well trained, friendly and super-attentive.

My evening started with me waiting by the bar for my plus one to arrive. The barman served a fizzy J&G Special with my choice of camomile flavor. It had beautifully balanced bitter, sour and sweet notes with a refreshing aroma. 👌🏽 I was also given a side of both red and green olives. For those of you who know me, you know that olives are one of the two or three rare things in the world that I do not eat. Their seductive shine and pleasant smell made me dig right into them with the toothpick. Thank you J&G, I think you gave me hope to eat olives again! Marvelous.

My plus one arrived and we moved from the bar to the dining area. First we were presented with two warm, freshly baked brioche buns, accompanied by a cone of fresh butter and some scattered salt flakes on a wooden board. This is far from your typical bread and butter amuse-bouche! The brioche is pornographically fluffy and baked to absolute perfection. With the butter and the salt flakes on top of that, well… I don’t want this text to be censored, so I will just stop here.

Next, we were presented with two smoky starters. A chefs interpretation of salmon nigiri with a tender fried rice base (nothing like the awful, oily, crunchy ones that you get at commercial sushi joints these days) and a homemade foie-gras type of liver with a smoky, deep sauce. Now here’s something else that I refuse to eat for the sake of animal rights, but considering the stakes so far, I just had to make an exception and taste that liver. It had a sous-vide softness to it and was also incredibly juicy inside. Before the animal-loving activists start to bash me, I forgot to ask the chef, but I really think that was just the liver of the bird and that they seared it beautifully. It’s not actually foie gras and I hope that the animal was not made to suffer in order to get it on my plate. Both appetizers were finger-licking good.

Moving on to the mains… I had a veal Milanese on the bone (very interesting presentation), while my plus one was presented with a fried chicken parmesan breast in a bright, tangy sauce. Our mains were complemented with a bucket of fries and a portion of mac & cheese. There really is no way to describe the cook on those items other than: “fantabulous”! The mac & cheese was creamy and intensely complex in flavor due to the cheese mix used in it.

For dessert we made acquaintance with a salted caramel bomb; consisting of ice-cream and salted caramel popcorn. The portion was huge and it ended on an innovative note to the excellence that preceeded it.


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