Ramadan Specials

We’re back to the holy month of eating! And besides the fact that I will probably keep telling everyone for the rest of my life that chocolate and Middle Eastern Sweets do not pair well, I have seen some interesting innovations this Ramadan and wanted to tell you all about them. This would also justify the 2-3 kilos of weight that I have put on…

  1. Gringo’s Sohour Menu: Famous food blogger; Ramy Soli managed to inspire Gringo’s this year to offer some “Mexi-gyptian” fusions, of which some were seriously worth every bite. Felafel Tacos and Foul Con-carne were definitely the highlights of the night for me. The Empanadas, which are already the Mexican cousins to our native Qatayef or Sambusak, were filled with a very flavourful cheese-mix, too. I am not exactly an expert on Mexican cuisine, but those fusions were certainly the most interesting Ramadan attempt I had seen in a while.DSC_0268
  2. Copenhagen’s Sweet Treats: East totally met West in this year’s mini desserts at Copenhagen. The fact the Eish Saraya had a little fluted cookie base, was very smart because if you know Eish Saraya, you would also know that it definitely needs something sturdy to contain it. The very mild savory hint of the cookie gave a good balance against the sweetness of the Eish Saraya. Having bragged enough about the ‘Saraya Bread’, I just wanted to say that the real game-changer for me was the Snickers Kunafa with Peanut Butter Cream! A little dense, but pretty orgasmic if you ask me. Oops! Sorry religious people, not sure that the word ‘orgasmic’ is very appropriate this month.DSC_0199
  3. Etoile’s Avocado Kunafa: I still haven’t tried this, but I believe that it could be quite mind-blowing combo! I contacted Etoile Patisserie on Instagram to have one delivered, but they never replied (obviously because they don’t have someone awesome like myself handling their Instagram account :D). Finally! Someone thought outside of the freaking chocolate box!! Notice how I carefully used the word ‘freaking’ this time.. paying respect to the holy month.352c9efe-8136-48c4-9e3f-999ffcb453bd_16x9_788x442
  4. Enab Beirut’s Iftar (and Baklava..): Enab – Beirut offered a very comprehensive and well-executed Iftar set menu this year. And at the end there was the famous Baklava… Absolute perfection!DSC_0277
  5. Battaw’s Apple Feteera: This Ramadan, Battaw offered us a really nice Iftar that ended with another super-interesting fusion; the Apple Feteera (Pie), topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Now THAT was good!!! The apple and cinnamon filling was warm and half-broken down, just the way it should be. The pastry encasing it was crispy and the contrasting, cold ice-cream just takes your senses to completely new heights.DSC_0227

I hope that we get to see more seriously thought out fusions like some of the ones I mentioned here, next Ramadan. Have a blessed week and a happy feast! 🙂


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