Speakeasy: Reinventing Classics

From the moment I passed the first host desk, I felt like I was being transported to another dimension. A garden labyrinth led me to the entrance of Speakeasy, where I found an antique bronze lion sleeping over the sign.

Inside, I was greeted by the lovely PR Manager herself, who gently pulled down the jacket off my back… and hung it in the cloak room (you people and your dirty minds…). The dim atmosphere of the place really touched something in my hidden gothic soul. Speakeasy is fully adorned with Art Deco elements, classic furniture and a touch of modern lighting fixtures.

The first item to arrive at the table – along with some very refreshing Chardonnay – was some bread and a ramekin of compound butter. It’s funny how we underestimate that part of the meal, because the softness and warmth of the bread, seriously blew me away. A very fancy cheese platter followed the bread and butter. It was full of Speakeasy’s very own aged cheese concoctions. Sadly, I only got to taste two of the four varieties because my palate cannot tolerate old cheeses, but my plus one was kind enough to taste the other two for me and she said that they were very good!


Now that our stomach juices were bubbling with anticipation, the chef served us four mini appetizers; Salmon Teriyaki, Shrimp in Oyster Sauce, Curry Sausages and Chicken Liver in Pomegranate sauce. Apart from the Shrimp, which was just tad saltier than I liked, we forgot all sense of fine-dining etiquette and gobbled up every morsel of those flavorful appetizers. Then there was a gap of wine sipping and deep conversation before the mains finally showed up. The chef presented us with two of his specialties; Seafood Casserole and slow cooked Duck in Pomegranate & Orange Sauce. The duck was really tasty and I appreciated the innovative take on the sauce. It was covered in a thick pomegranate molasses glaze. The meat could have been more tender in my opinion, but cooking with local duck is a great challenge anyway. The Seafood Casserole was a strong contender and I would definitely recommend it if you go to Speakeasy. The seafood was nicely cooked and the vegetable cubes were sweet and crumbly. The red sauce that ties the dish together added a deep aroma and an appetizing acidity to balance the sweetness of the vegetables.

For dessert I ordered my classic go-to favorite; Crème brûlée. I made a deal with myself to only take a spoonful of it, because I was watching my calories. As expected, I finished the full pot. It was triple as thick as I am used to, but for me; the richer… the better! I also tried a spoonful of my plus one’s cheesecake and it was seriously well executed.

Come and I say “Hi!” if you ever see me at Speakeasy, because I will be going again.


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