Tasting Japan… in Egypt

Last Tuesday, I had the luxurious opportunity of dining at one of Egypt’s best Japanese restaurants; Shogun – Intercontinental (City Stars).

Luckily, a special menu by guest chef; Takagi Kazuo was available. There is a number of guest Chef menus at the hotel these days and I suggest you go check them out as their menus will no longer be available after the 15th of November.

I ordered a Tuna Tartar as a starter, a Japanese Teppan Pepper Beef with Fois Gras Dengaku for my main and a Fruit & Green Tea Ice-cream for dessert.

The Yellowtail Sashimi appetizer was quite exquisite to say the least. The brightness of the colors and freshness of flavors was very festive on the palate. The sophisticated presentation in a Ceviche-like disk, was just an extra piece of the show.


A familiar chef then came to my table and asked about the preferred temperature of my steak, before he rushed to the Teppanyaki station to grill it. The beef was more done than I had hoped for but the sauce was pretty tasty, though a bit salty for my salt-phobic buds. But the sweet glaze and the creaminess of the Fois Gras, provided a great balance for the texture and flavor of the steak.

As soon as the Anmitsu arrived, I couldn’t help but snap another shot of that piece of heaven, which I was about to devour. The light pastel shades from the Green Tea Ice-cream to the delicate fruit mix underneath, were a much needed visual relaxation after all the brightness from the starter and the deep amber color of the caramelized steak. I believe that the Anmitsu was missing the characteristic sauce to go with it, but it was delicious nonetheless and I was resisting the temptation to lick the glass that it was served in, after I finished. Not something I like to do in a fine-dining restaurant!



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